5 Tips to Choose the Right Technology for Your Hybrid Business Event

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Discover five tips from Intrado Digital Media to help you choose the right technology partner for your next hybrid event.

Discover five tips from Intrado Digital Media to help you choose the right technology partner for your next hybrid event.

Though the event industry has undergone rapid transformation over the past year, events remain events! They have always presented a powerful opportunity to build a thriving community of brand advocates. With the right technology, that power is amplified across time and space. Choosing the right technology allows you to seamlessly blend in-person and digital channels, something Intrado Digital Media President Ben Chodor calls “faces in two places.”

“Designing your program and technology around those different audiences is extremely important,” says Chodor. Below are five tips to help you choose the right hybrid event technology partner.

1. Determine your event’s scope
Don’t settle for one size fits all. Define your event scope and if it calls for a half-hour webinar, multiple days, or somewhere in between. The right partner can fit to your plan.

2. Define your engagement needs
Online engagement becomes more important every day, so with hybrid audiences, your event needs technology that caters to all. Consider how speakers engage with attendees, how exhibitors interact with attendees, and how attendees network with each other.

3. Design for your audience’s goals
Once you know how your participants will interact, you can begin to design experiences around their goals. The technology you choose should deliver for those outcomes.

4. Prioritize leveraging data
One of the biggest tools for hybrid event success is data—what information you capture, how you capture it, and how it informs future planning. Understanding how to measure the success of your hybrid event is vital to justifying ROI, and determining how to improve.

5. Request a live platform demo
A recorded demonstration is no substitute for the live experience your audiences and partners will see.
“If they’re not willing to bring you into the environment live, don’t trust it,” says Chodor.

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