3 Reasons HR Professionals Should Invest in Digital Event Strategist Certification

Workplaces have gone hybrid. So should your skills.

Since COVID-19, workplace evolution is accelerating at a speed like never before. Most recently, Microsoft published “Hybrid Work: a Guide for Business Leaders,” which highlights how remote work and hybrid meetings will play a more central role post-pandemic. The report described how merged virtual and physical environment will become the default for meetings with new technology bridging the two together.

Professionals like you who are tasked with employee engagement and internal meetings are looking for ways to upskill and reskill to better adapt to the post-pandemic workplace. Below are three ways that PCMA’s Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification can help you organize corporate events better.

1. You’ll plan more engaging internal events.

Internal events can promote group cohesion, increase productivity, encourage personal communications across business units and strengthen organizational culture — only when they’re done intentionally with a strategic mindset.

The Digital Event Strategist course will help you approach internal events with the end goal(s) in mind. Whether you lead new hire onboarding, town halls, teambuilding, recognition events or shareholder conferences, you’ll be able to apply a holistic framework to event planning to make sure your internal events accomplish your engagement goals.

Not only do we try to balance time zones, we also make sure the content is relevant to employees across the company. We always ask ourselves, ‘How can we be inclusive?’ In the Digital Event Strategist course, subject matter expert Sourabh Kothari talks about different personas and how they impact the design of virtual events. We go through the same exercise when we plan ours.”

Berenice Lai, DES, Global Events Manager, SurveyMonkey

2. You’ll learn how to choose event technology.

As SHRM report in September 2020, “The emergence of technology platforms such as apps, collaboration networks and conferencing tools as a lifeline for remote workers has exposed a lingering problem in HR: the need to develop new technology competencies to serve the evolving needs of their organizations.” Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack … The list of new-fangled remote working and online collaboration tools to learn seems never ending as teams become increasingly scattered.

The Digital Event Strategist course will boost your confidence in face of new technology. You’ll develop a simple method of assessing technology tools based on the need of your internal events.

(A key take-away from the DES course was) platform vetting. The subject matter expert of the technology module Will Curran explains it in such a simplified way: You need your must-haves, nice-to-haves and wish-to-haves, and then you continually reprioritize those lists.”

Liza Lampi, DES, Owner, Eventive Meetings

3. You can measure employee engagement more effectively through digital events.

How engaged is your team? While it may be difficult to assess the engagement in a physical internal event, the measurement is much clearer in digital events. As 5 Tips for Taking Your Internal Events Virtual on Smart Meetings suggests, digital events allow us to use engagement scoring as a measure of employee satisfaction at internal corporate events.

The Digital Event Strategist course hones in on measurements and ROI of digital engagements and offers ways to track your attendees’ journey. An event is only as successful as its impact on its attendees, and with the DES course, you’ll know what key metrics to look for.

My number one, hands-down favorite lesson from the DES course was module six on ROI measurement.”

Erica Gifford, DES, Marketing Project Specialist at APITech

PCMA’s Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification gives you the tools to plan, produce and measure virtual and hybrid engagement in your workplace from start to finish. Any questions? Complete the form below with your information and we’ll be sure to follow up.

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