Wonderful Copenhagen’s Jonas Wilstrup

Author: Christopher Durso       

‘I’m a big believer in understanding that a career is a combination of hard work and chance.’

EDUCATION Master of science in economics from the University of Copenhagen.

MY FIRST INDUSTRY JOB Consultant at the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

MY PREVIOUS THREE JOBS Convention director at Wonderful Copenhagen, director of public a airs at the Danish Hotel and Restaurant Federation, and head of the CEO’s office at the Confederation of Danish Enterprises.

WHAT I DO NOW As CFO of Wonderful Copenhagen, I’m responsible for back-office operations and financial functions, as well as the future funding models and stakeholder management for our DMOs, especially emphasizing our convention-bureau area.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY JOB The great team of dedicated colleagues in my organization and department. To work with a product and with partners as good as Copenhagen has is a great asset, but the team in our organization and their dedication every day is what moves the job from good to the absolute best place I’ve ever worked.

MOST INFLUENCED IN MY CAREER BY I worked as a special adviser to the CEO of the Confederation of Danish Enterprises, Jens Klarskov, for two years. Jens made an effort to explain to me what the reasoning was behind every single decision he made. I learned so much from that. He also taught me the value of keeping a workplace fun and good-hearted while maintaining a professional focus.

WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL MISTAKE My biggest mistake was at an early point in my career, putting the blame on someone on my team for something I was ultimately responsible for myself. I learned never to repeat that mistake, and to understand the principle of being responsible for a team and owning up to that responsibility at all times. I’ve made an effort to always do that ever since.

MY NEXT BIG CAREER GOAL I’m a big believer in understanding that a career is a combination of hard work and chance. So I don’t have a set career goal other than making sure that Wonderful Copenhagen stays well-run and extremely competitive.

MY ADVICE FOR YOUNG MEETING PROFESSIONALS Don’t over-plan your career. Make sure that your job makes you happy in the morning when you get there. Don’t ever get aggressive or accept aggressive behavior in a professional work environment.

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