Why Shirlena Soh Wants You to Speak Out


The business-events industry has a far-reaching effect on economies as well as scientific, and academic outcomes. But according to Shirlena Soh, executive director at the Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS), very few people really understand the impact of our industry.

“The fact that so many people outside of our industry know so little about business events is a constant challenge,” she said.

“As event professionals, we need to ask ourselves how we can showcase the impact our industry has on wider economic and social concerns like GDP and job creation,” Soh said. “We also need to ensure the industry in APAC is a professional industry with well-established standards, and is well regarded by all.”

Shirlena Soh, executive director at SACEOS, and PCMA regional advisory board member

“Imagine organising concurrent events in Osaka, Bangkok, Sydney, and Kuala Lumpur. It’s important to understand cultural differences and manage expectations while respecting the etiquette and religious laws of the host destination. This can be the most significant — and challenging — factor to ensuring the success of your event.”

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