What’s Next for Event Technology?

Author: Convene Editors       

Marco Giberti

We talked to Marco Giberti, Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures, about how the event-technology sector performed in 2017, what he expects for 2018, and the one trend business event organizers should keep an eye on: 

Did anything surprise you about the event-technology sector’s performance in 2017?

I continue to be surprised with the speed of change and also with adoption growth across different event-tech categories. The amount and quality of investments in the event-tech sector and the interest from new and big private-equity, venture-capital, and strategic investors continue to grow and will bring more and better event-tech companies helping event organizers to organize more meaningful events for their customers.

What can we expect from the event-technology sector in 2018?

I think that we will continue to see growth in many areas, and better products and companies. I also think that finally organizers realize that event tech is a critical part of their business and a key growth opportunity, and not just a “nice thing to do.” This means that more organizers will do investments and efforts to adopt event tech in different areas of their business.

What is one technology trend that meeting planners should be keeping any eye on in 2018 and beyond?

I would choose augmented reality and artificial intelligence as two key technologies to keep an eye on. These two technologies could have a deep impact in our business, and those organizers who are paying attention, learning and investing in these technologies, will benefit from it. There are many more event technologies that are impacting the business, and each organizer — depending on their core audience and business format — should identify at least three to five key event-tech areas to invest time and resources as part of their strategic growth plan.

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