Reversing Burnout

‘It’s so hard for me to go from being a Northeast-coast, New Yorker/D.C./ Type-A personality, very driven, to say — actually say — working less is going to make me more productive.’

– Leigh Stringer, workplace strategist

Our annual salary survey, due out June 1, revealed that a lot of you are feeling frazzled. You list stress and lack of work/life balance as the aspects you like least about your job. Respondents also talked about the need to be always on and digitally available; the crazy hours worked leading up to an event; and many days spent traveling.

It’s not just the meetings industry, of course. Modern life means knowledge workers are never really off the clock. But Leigh Stringer, author of The Healthy Workplace, says continuing this way is a recipe for burnout.

But there are changes you can make, Stringer said.

Listen below:

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