Heard Around PCMA Convening Leaders Day 2

Author: Convene Editors       


Nadya Okamoto speaks Jan. 8 at Convening Leaders 2019 (Jacob Slaton)

PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 delivered some disruptive speakers Jan. 8. Here are some of the quotes that Convene editors heard that resonated with them during the second full day of sessions in Pittsburgh.

I love it when guys make the ‘ooh’ face when I say ‘period.’ That energizes me.”

Nadya Okamoto, creator of PERIOD, a nonprofit that addresses the gender inequity surrounding the issue of menstruation.

The question in our world today and in our country today is not whether we are great, the question is whether or not we can be good — to each other, to our community, our country, our citizenry.”

Steve Pemberton, author and chief human resources officer at Globoforce, on making an impact on other peoples’ lives, during his Main Stage presentation.

We call it homelessness, not houselessness, and I think that should be a sign as the types of solutions we want to find. We want to find homes, not just houses for people.”

William Thomson, founder of Gallus Events and panelist at “Finding Solutions to Social Justice Issues from Homelessness to Human Trafficking.”

Let’s not confuse purpose with goals. Real change is about benefitting people.”

Felix Rundel, Falling Walls Foundation, head of programs and international development, who presented “Build Community and Benefit Society with Purpose-Driven Experiences.``

I have a younger brother — he has a dual college degree but he has Asperger’s and extreme social anxiety disorder, and he has never worked. He almost never leaves the house and I feel so optimistic and excited that there is the possibility for him to get out into the workforce. So, thank you very much for sharing.”

Anonymous comment overheard in reference to the work speaker Anka Wittenberg has done to employ people with disabilities in the session “Improve Business Results with Diversity and Inclusion.”

In the events community, we often aren’t thinking big enough. We’re looking for someone else to give us permission to make change. We each need to act like the CEO of a for-profit organization and take risks.”

Bill Reed, chief event strategy officer, American Society of Hematology, as a participant in ``Innovate Your Business Model to Achieve Growth.”

Stories help people understand principles.”

Rohit Bhargava, from his session, “The Believability Crisis: How to Build Trust/Stand Out.”

If [event owners] don’t do better at helping [audiences] decode what it is that they’re looking for from their different stakeholders, they’re going to be in trouble.”

Ruud Janssen, CMM, DES, speaking in the session, “How to Create Events Worth Binge-Watching.”

The ten-thousand-person groups get all the media attention, but our stakeholders are the hotels. And the hotels aren’t just interested in citywide business.”

Cleo Battle, executive vice president of Louisville Tourism, reminding organizers of small events that CVBs invest an equal amount of effort to attract 500-person meetings as citywide conventions in “Beyond the Spend: Does Your Event’s Economic Impact?”

Every single one of us is an influencer.”

Billie Jean King, tennis champion and activist, on everyone’s ability to change their lives and the lives of others.

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