5 Ways Groups Can Give Back in Puerto Rico

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Author: Curt Wagner       

street murals on walls in San Juan

Groups meeting in Puerto Rico can have an impact with CSR projects involving the street art in the Trastalleres/El Gandul area of San Juan.

There’s good reason for event organizers to offer meeting attendees opportunities to make a positive impact — according to the 5W Public Relations 2020 Consumer Culture Report, 83 percent of consumers ages 18-34 and 73 percent of consumers ages 35-54 want to do business with companies that align with their values.

In Puerto Rico, groups can choose from a wide array of activities that give attendees meaningful ways to experience the destination while making a difference. Here are just five of the possibilities offered by Discover Puerto Rico and local DMCs:

El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico

The Yokahú Observation Tower provides groups with beautiful views of El Yunque National Forest — and volunteer opportunities.

Get Back to Nature

Para La Naturaleza, a nonprofit organization focused on the conservation of the Island’s beautiful protected areas, encourages environmental awareness through group volunteer experiences including native tree planting and helping to maintain ecological gardens. Other projects that bring attendees in direct contact with the Island’s natural beauty include volunteering on a small farm, at a national reserve, or with a non-profit focused on coastal clean-up.

The Art of San Juan

Several partner DMCs curate cultural experiences that immerse attendees in Puerto Rico’s vibrant art scene. Groups can help restore existing murals in the edgy Trastalleres/El Gandul area in San Juan, where galleries, the underground art scene, and the Santurce Es Ley mural festival are flourishing. Or they could participate in in-depth conversations with local artists while helping create new murals.

Community Improvement

P.E.C.E.S., a community education and service organization, supports personal growth and community development. Meeting groups can make an immediate impact by participating in projects which could include collecting and distributing food, drinking water, medicine, tools, sunlamps, clothes, baby diapers, and much more.

woman dancing the Bomba in Puerto Rico

Through workshops in the Afro-Puerto-Rican community of Piñones and other areas. meeting attendees learn about the cultural importance of traditional dances like Bomba.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Corporación Piñones se Integra (COPI), a center for arts and culture in the Afro-Puerto-Rican community of Piñones, offers workshops in the Puerto Rican dances Bomba and Plena, among other educational and entertaining cultural experiences. Participants learn the history and cultural significance of these two traditional dances while connecting — and dancing — with community volunteers.

Boost Your Coffee Breaks

Get a taste of Puerto Rican coffee while supporting Friends of Puerto Rico, a group which operates programs to help women and young people become the Island’s next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. Representatives from the program’s Café Ama Love coffee store will visit your meeting venue for a coffee demo and tasting presentation. Other volunteer opportunities are also available.

Whether one of these or many other opportunities, the team at Discover Puerto Rico will help identify CSR options that will help groups meet their CSR goals while giving their attendees a look at Puerto Rico’s one-of-a-kind beauty and culture.

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