Pillow Talk with Ronald Lim


A good night’s sleep is a necessity for frequent business travellers, and, according to Ronald Lim, founder of Kuala Lumpur–based event company, Think Tank Productions, pillows play a key role in that.

“Pillows are never a one-size-fit-all,” Lim said. “Different people have different preferences — this can be a personal preference or may be due to a medical condition.”

For Lim, memory foam is the pillow of choice, and when it comes to making such a decision, he prefers to choose from a wide variety of options.

“There are so many different types of pillow on the market and I believe that every hotel should offer a pillow menu in their guest rooms,” Lim said, adding that he only knows of a few brands that do this.

“I don’t travel with my own pillow yet,” he said, but he’s looking forward to getting the Tempur travel memory foam pillow soon.

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