Partner in Focus: Business Events Sarawak

Sarawak has created a people-focused campaign evoking a #TRIBESPIRIT movement which is about spreading positivity that will lead to the economic and social transformation for a long-term legacy. Find out more about Sarawak as a destination in this Partner in Focus Q&A.

1. Why should event planners and organisers consider choosing Sarawak as their APAC destination?

Choose Sarawak if you want to give a higher purpose to your event. Business events are more than just success by numbers but also how it can be a catalyst towards economic and social development. To do this, the Business Events Sarawak Legacy (BESLegacy) Initiative is ready for planners to plan their convention legacy and start making a lasting positive impact on society.

2. “Tribe. Legacy. Sarawak because every business events tribe is small enough to care and large enough to make a difference.” – How do business events make a difference to Sarawak?

Business Events used to be seen as a branch of the tourism tree but now it has become one of the ten key sectors to help materialise the aspirations of the Sarawak Economic Action Council. We’re aligning Business Events to Sarawak’s 7 Key Focus Areas of Development (which incorporates the Sarawak government’s 13 Key Priority Areas) to make an impact on Sarawak’s economic and social development. The very big picture is to make Business Events a catalyst to achieve the UNSDGs.

3. Tell us why Sarawak has invested in upskilling their community through Digital Events Strategist (DES) certification?

The Sarawak government is spearheading the digital economy transformation. The pandemic only accelerated these plans, and the DES certification is the perfect way to get our partners aligned with the government’s initiatives for Business Events. DES is the current sought after label in the Business Events world which will raise the bar in terms of strengthening our services and professionalism.

4. Is there anything else you want to share with PCMA APAC members?

We have incentivised packages for planners to organise an event from now until December 2022. These packages give more flexibility in terms of application and include value boosters that will enhance the experience for both planners and delegates.

We also have our Standard Operating Procedures in place for Business Events to ensure that all aspects of the event are compliant according to the stipulated guidelines from the Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee.

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