This New Tool Can Simplify Your Webinars and Extend Your Event’s Reach

For many organizations, engaging online attendees feels pretty overwhelming. It requires a full team of AV experts and a massive investment in expensive hardware, right? Not anymore. Those concerns can fade to the past with the launch of INXPO STUDIO — a new webcasting platform designed to simplify streaming and reinvent the way the events industry looks at webcasting. “The decline of Flash and the rise of video for communications and marketing makes us very excited about the timing of our release of INXPO STUDIO,” said Daniel Lotzof, executive vice president of INXPO. “I think the industry is ready to see how webcasting can be pushed beyond what we are used to.”

The next frontier of webcasting includes some sophisticated tools such as picture-in-picture mode, the ability to add speakers from multiple locations and devices, and seamless mixing of pre-recorded video segments into a live broadcast. While the features are very advanced, Trilby Lawless, marketing program coordinator at INXPO, told PCMA that one of the key benefits of using INXPO STUDIO is that it doesn’t require advanced technical expertise. “This delivers a broadcast-quality experience that anyone can use and places a video production studio in the hands of anyone who manages content,” Lawless said. “Event organizers can pull in multiple presenters easily and create a new level of engagement with their attendees with one click of a button.”

The official launch occurs on Wednesday, March 29 at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time. You can register here to participate in a free live tutorial of all the bells and whistles. In addition to helping attendees behind their screens, the new capabilities will enrich the experience for presenters, Rich Hawkinson, executive vice president of product development and production at INXPO, said. Active speaker detection will simplify audio management, and a rehearsal mode will deliver peace of mind before moving into live mode.

More Features Arriving Soon

The initial rollout of INXPO STUDIO can pay immediate dividends for event organizers, but Lawless told me that additional features added soon will provide greater benefits. In Q3, INXPO will add API-level integrations with YouTube and Facebook so that the high-quality video from STUDIO will automatically sync with the biggest social-streaming platforms. A multilingual closed-captioning tool will also help event organizers aiming to satisfy global audiences. Perhaps the coolest feature is a mobile presentation tool. “I’ll be able to turn on my iPhone and present from anywhere,” Lawless said. “Whether you’re hosting a webinar or live-streaming part of an annual conference, you’ll be able to add more voices to the conversation. All you’ll need is an iPhone and an Internet connection.”

Want to see how INXPO STUDIO looks and feels? Register for the launch to see how it can simplify your webcasting needs.

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