New App Reveals How Much Coffee You Actually Need

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The U.S. Army has developed a new app advising users how much caffeine to consume for maximum efficiency.

Tired, weary, and overworked event organisers will be pleased to learn the US Army has developed a new app for their forces which will advise users on how much caffeine to consume for maximum efficiency. They hope applying this knowledge will be key to reducing accidents.

Based on studies researching the effects of sleep and caffeine consumption on reaction times, researchers at a US Army institute developed a mathematical model which predicts performance based on an individual’s level of sleep and caffeine intake.

Called The 2B-Alert app, it is designed to offer the user the possibility of calculating when and how much caffeine to drink to optimise their productivity, based on their level of sleep.

The US Army is reported to be testing the algorithm on soldiers in training and plans to license the technology to the civilian market.

Clearly this could have implications for hard-pressed event organisers who often clock up long hours to make sure their events run swimmingly. Although this app may just confirm what event professionals have long known, it’s reassuring to know that “needing a coffee” could mean you’re just following [your body’s] orders after all.

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