The Best App to Use to Track Food and Exercise

Author: Convene Editors       

MyPlate is an extremely helpful tool for everyday use, but it’s especially awesome when I get really busy with work and when I’m traveling. It’s the most comprehensive and incredibly user-friendly food and exercise tracker ever.

I use MyPlate everywhere I go to log my activity and what I eat. I even scan barcodes for items I buy on the go to instantly track exact nutrition information in a snap. I use the “create meal” function to easily track my meal preps for the week, and the iPhone Health App integration to load my steps and exercise. This allows me to stay on track with my diet and fitness goals without stressing.

I resolved this year to take better care of my health and wellbeing consistently — even when life gets hectic and responsibilities pile up. MyPlate has helped me stick to my goal and live a healthier, more balanced life.

JENNY STANFIELD, Director of Sales and Marketing, Engagement Unlimited

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