3 Global Events That are Making a World of Difference

These 3 global events demonstrate how it takes many villages to raise up society

Author: Michelle Russell       

Events that matter

Convene interviewed the organizers of three global events that make a difference. (Illustration by Shout)

How can we tackle the most pressing challenges of our time? They cannot be solved by “individual nation states or merely ‘Western’ or ‘Eastern’ alliances,” Felix Rundel told Convene. “International dialogue on science and innovation” is crucial, he said, “to human well-being.”

Rundel organizes the annual Falling Walls conference, which attracts a global audience from science, business, politics, and the arts to share scientific breakthroughs and explore technologies that profoundly change society.

Falling Walls is one of three international conferences we’ve profiled. The other two are events — both launched just this year — that address the burning issue of human migration from two critical vantage points.

Together, these events shine a light on the importance of convening people from all corners of the world to share perspectives, promote understanding, and foster collaboration. We asked their organizers — Rundel; Tony Smith, the former director of the U.K. Border Force; and Diane Nickolson, the executive director of the International Society of Travel Medicine — to offer their insights on how they do just that.

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