No Need to Pack Extra Socks

Have You Heard?

The “Beast from the (Siberian) East” unleashed some of the worst weather in decades across Europe last week, bringing ice, snow, and plunging temperatures to regions whose residents would usually be on the lookout for spring shoots this time of year.

The inclement weather has inconvenienced business travellers across the continent. Air, rail, and road travel has all been disrupted and stories of travellers trapped on trains at a standstill for hours or airports cancelling multiple flights have kept on coming.

Serious news as it no doubt is, we heard of a sartorial innovation this week which we felt could help those people either caught short by the weather or just in need of some space-saving luggage tips.

MP Magic Socks could be the answer to that desperate search for clean socks should the weather do its worst. Claiming to be socks that never smell, they are made with metals including silver, copper, and zinc, which have antibacterial qualities. Writing in The Sunday Times, a tester wore them for five consecutive days and apparently, they remained respectably “whiff free” until the last of those testing days. We think they’d make short work of a typical two-day conference — even with a bit of sight-seeing tagged on the end.

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