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Rosen Centre was named to Cvent’s top 75 U.S. hotels list.

As the 1,200 Trend Micro meeting attendees walked through the doors of the Rosen Centre in January after a CSR event, they were greeted by applause — the hotel staff was lined up to welcome them “home.” This is the second year the cyber security company held its annual meeting of international delegates at the 1,334-room Rosen Centre, so it did indeed feel like they were coming home again.

That kind of warm hospitality is one reason why Rosen Centre is Orlando’s premier event venue, and a factor in the property making Cvent’s list of the top 75 hotels in the U.S. Trend Micro’s EMEA events manager, Finola Roycroft, brought the group back to Rosen Centre because she knew her attendees’ experience would be top-notch. “There’s a comfort factor going back to the same hotel,” she said. “You know the set up, you know the facility, and you know the people. They know how to help you create a totally different look and feel to wow your group.” 


The Grand Ballroom as a blank canvas.

In keeping with Trend Micro’s Japanese heritage and this year’s judo theme, Rosen Centre staff created a spectacular main stage in the ballroom with creative audiovisual and lighting effects. Every touch, from Japanese flowers and houses to drummers and Asian-themed window clings, was brand-new from last year and captivated attendees from the moment they arrived. “When you see people walk into the ballroom and take pictures of the set,” Roycroft said, “that’s my happy place. I know we’ve succeeded.” 


The Grand Ballroom dressed up Asian-style for Trend Micro’s meeting.

In addition to unique settings for each event, Rosen Centre’s culinary team customized menus to enhance the group’s theme. At last year’s meeting, Executive Chef Michael Rumplik developed tantalizing dishes from all corners of the globe to the delight of Trend Micro’s international attendees. To honor this year’s Asian Pacific delegates, Chef Rumplik and his team prepared exciting new options like dim sum, Chinese Garlic Chicken, and Roasted Honey Cod with Ginger Bok Choy.

Ethnic-inspired breakfast dishes and bolder global flavors are two of the top trends for group banquets, according to Chef Rumplik, and Trend Micro’s event provided the ideal audience for cutting-edge morning meals. From chicken congee and crispy tofu for breakfast to vibrant Indian curries and spicy Chinese salads, Rosen’s talented chefs pulled out all the stops.

“It’s all about bringing our client’s vision to life using all of our resources,” said Todd Frappier, Rosen Centre’s director of sales and marketing. “Our experienced sales and convention managers brainstorm and strategize with groups to create an event that is fresh and exciting each year and completely surpasses their expectations. We are honored to be part of their team. Their success is our success.” 

According to Roycroft, this team effort is evident in the hours the Rosen staff pours into each event and their lightning-fast response time to every request. “Our group is hard to impress,” she said. “We had a warm, fuzzy feeling coming back to the Rosen Centre. One attendee even teared up a bit walking in,” she said. “At the end of the event, they walked away with a ‘wow!’”

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