Inside the Scientific Innovation at NAME 2016

Author: Corin Hirsch       

Event Details

National Association of Medical  Examiners 2016 Annual Meeting

Sept. 7–13, 2016
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Minneapolis


At the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) Annual Meeting, hundreds of forensic pathologists, death investigators, and medical students converge for workshops, live demonstrations, and networking. Because this was the meeting’s silver anniversary, the program included presentations about NAME’s founding, along with video recordings and photographs of legendary forensic pathologists who have contributed to the field over the previous 50 years.


The world of forensic pathology is fairly small—so finding a critical mass of presenters can be a challenge. (Read our Pre Con profile here.) Despite that, “the quality of the scientific sessions was excellent,” according to Sally S. Aiken, M.D., medical examiner for Spokane County, Washington, and one of the meeting’s organizers. Plus, “a ‘furries’ convention was also being held at the hotel,” Aiken said. “This was an odd contrast to our group, but because of our work backgrounds and familiarity with alternate lifestyles, it provided interesting observations for most attendees.”


Prior to NAME 2016, “Sunday afternoon had been devoted to a scientific field trip,” Aiken said. This year, that time instead was used for a workshop and lecture on cardiac pathology, followed by hands-on examinations of preserved, previously diseased hearts. “All of the workshop’s slots were filled,” Aiken said—and the session helped raise money for the NAME Foundation.


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