Gregory O’Dell, Outgoing Chair, 2019 PCMA Board of Directors

Author: Convene Editors       

Gregory O’Dell

Gregory O’Dell, chair of the PCMA Board of Directors, addresses Convening Leaders 2019 on Jan. 9 in Pittsburgh. (Jacob Slaton)


What were your goals as chair?

My goals were simple. It wasn’t necessarily about individual goals but rather supporting the strategic vision of the organization. During the first year of implementation, we’ve had great success. PCMA continues to expand its global reach into the European and Asian regions. We also continue to customize existing and offer new products that help business event strategists propel their organizations.

Can you share a highlight or two from over the last year in your role as chair?

A major highlight was to witness record attendance and stimulating educational content displayed at EduCon in L.A. Additionally, PCMA continued to realize its vision through its partnership with Destinations International and to invest in Destinations Showcase creating boundless opportunities for PCMA.

How have you seen the business events industry evolve in your career, and what do you see on the horizon? 

Clearly the business events industry has evolved to where organizations are leveraging meetings to advance their mission and achieve their objectives. That has certainly been a fundamental shift in the way the meetings industry had been previously perceived. As a result, business event professionals are seen as strategists and thought leaders for their organizations.

How do you see PCMA’s role in terms of serving the needs of business events industry stakeholders?

PCMA will continue to provide thought leadership for the industry but in a non-traditional way. For example, PCMA has showcased adjacent industries as content for learning. Moreover, PCMA will help business event strategists apply those experiences to our industry and their respective organizations.

What have you enjoyed in your tenure as board chair?

It has been exciting to see PCMA at the forefront of our industry’s transformation. I am truly humbled to work with an amazing group of leaders on our Board of Directors and honored to support Sherrif and his team — as they are the best in the industry.

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