Tech Tools to Measure and Increase Racial and Gender Diversity

Author: Barbara Palmer       


GenderAvenger has released a new version of the GA Tally app that puts more emphasis on the representation of women of color.

In early July, GenderAvenger (GA), the nonprofit initiative dedicated to increasing the representation of women in public conversations, released an updated version of the GA Tally app, to put more emphasis on women of color.

The GA Tally allows users to count the number of women and women of color who are given a voice, including the number of those appearing on conference panels, as keynote speakers, and in other places. “In this time of social change, our team explored how we could modify the GA Tally to challenge event organizers, best-of list-makers, and conversation hosts everywhere to ensure that the voices of women of color are included all the time,” according to the GA website. “Otherwise, we will continue to have a public dialog that is incomplete.”

Now, when there aren’t enough women of color present in a program (a minimum of 25 percent) — even if women in general and men are equally represented — the GA Tally “alerts you that there is more work to be done.” A description and tutorial on how to use the app can be found on the GA website.

Another nonprofit dedicated to the inclusion of women500 Women Scientists — announced that it was expanding its mission statement to explicitly include fighting racism. Resources on the 500 Women Scientists website include a database of women scientists; Gage, a global search platform to find women in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine), and a guide to inclusive scientific meetings.

Barbara Palmer is deputy editor at Convene.

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