An App That You Wear

Author: Convene Editors       

“My current favorite app is Ringly. It is a wearable-technology app that pairs with Ringly’s beautiful smart rings and bracelets. The jewelry vibrates and has a little light on the side that notifies you. The Ringly app allows you to customize which other apps you want to receive notifications from; you can customize the vibration pattern and color for each app you pair with Ringly.

“With Ringly, I get notifications for phone calls, emails, text messages, calendar reminders, etc. It also pairs with fitness trackers and allows you to set up health goals. I loved the functionality of smart watches, because when I’m on a show site I need to be connected at all times, but I didn’t want to give up wearing my pretty watches. Ringly allows me to have both functionality and style. It is a lifesaver when I’m on site running any meeting.”

— Megan Martin,  CMP, Senior Meeting Manager, National Conference of State Legislatures

Availability:  iOS, Android

Cost:  Free (but the jewelry is priced accordingly)

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