EVA’s AI-Powered Platform Is an Organizer’s Shortcut to Valuable Data Insights

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Author: Jennifer N. Dienst       

EVA21 Analytics on Desktop

EVA’s AI-powered platform provides powerful data insights that business event organizers can use for planning or reporting. The second-best part? EVA removes the burden of manually gathering and calculating that data.

Collecting data is the easy part — untangling what that data means is where the hard work begins. EVA tackles that tough part, turning data into dashboards and giving business event organizers the benefit of being able to quickly and easily understand how their meeting is performing.

Insights provided include:

  • Overall meeting performance — Understand the start-to-finish trajectory of a meeting with audience composition and engagement snapshots.
  • Program tracking — Track the popularity of sessions and content as well as which audience segments engaged with particular program elements.
  • Exhibitor and sponsor ROI — Tell the story from the exhibitor perspective, including their overall engagement, their specific performance compared with event averages, and deeper dives into the demographics of their leads.
  • Audience engagement — See the depth and breadth of audience engagement through virtual event elements and compare the engagement averages of different types of attendees.
EVA21 PCMA Demo on Desktop

EVA alleviates the technical burden of going live with a dedicated support staff ready to assist if any changes or issues arise.

In an era when consumers are accustomed to the conveniences of automation in everything they do online from writing an email to shopping, it’s natural for organizers and their attendees to expect a similar experience. To make this happen, organizers work with EVA’s team of virtual assistants, developers, and online producers to custom build a virtual platform according to their event’s specific needs, whether it’s a virtual conference, trade show, or convention.

By using the power of AI, these customized platforms will help organizers deliver an online experience that increases registration, engagement, and ROI for not only attendees but exhibitors and sponsors as well. Here’s a snapshot of how EVA is using AI to power the virtual event experience from every angle.


  • The registration journey is pre-defined based on parameters. Automatically assign registration types and discounts based on the attendee profile.
  • Instead of attendees having to sift through a plethora of sessions, EVA provides recommendations based on their profile, viewing history, and past participation.
  • Engaging with peers becomes easier and more meaningful when EVA’s AI-Matchmaking connects peers based on mutual interests.


  • EVA automatically matches exhibitors/sponsors to their target audience.
  • Exhibitors can easily identify what sessions/events to target.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets — EVA’s interactive dashboard can predict registration/attendance rates, forecast the popularity of session topics, and provide valuable information to attract/retain financial supporters.

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