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Author: Sarah Beauchamp       

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Shepard’s technology team helps to execute an event for National Association for College Admission Counseling.

At 2018 PCMA Convening Leaders, Convene asked vendors and experts if they could sum up the future of event technology. “Customized,” “integration,” and “engaging” were just a few of the words used to describe the next wave of innovative tech. And we can’t think of a better example of these descriptors than Shepard.

Cory Smith, vice president of Strategic Services at Shepard, a full-service event production partner specializing in innovative exhibitions and events, tells Convene: “We’ve made it our mission to not only help our clients navigate the fast-changing event technology landscape, but also to continuously innovate our own technology offerings to ensure we’re offering solutions that keep their events engaging and (the) planning process easy and efficient.”

For more than 100 years, Shepard has been committed to creating engaging experiences for its clients. As technology evolved, Shepard did, too. From streamlining event operations to voice recognition tech, it is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions that ensure every event is ahead of the game.

Working with Shepard, Convene pulled together a few of the event production company’s most notable tech of 2018.



With seamless Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration, eventVOICE is a template-based, artificial intelligence platform that enables voice-based, personalized assistance for your event. Delegates have access to voice-demand customer service, allowing them to personalize their event and engage with the tool for a variety of reasons, including printing badges, creating agendas, finding exhibitors and attendees, and answering routine questions. “The launch of this service aligns with our strategic imperatives to provide clients with innovative solutions which support the growth of their events and communities,” Smith told Trade Show News Network. “We’re just scratching the surface of voice-first search and commerce potential. This game-changing technology is shifting demands on personalized customer experiences and we’re excited to provide this groundbreaking service to our clients.”

Speaker Vision

Giving you peace of mind while you plan your next meeting, Speaker Vision is state-of-the-art presentation management technology. From start to finish, Speaker Vision makes presenting easier by compiling all presentations in one central location. Customized Speaker Vision networked computers can be provided for session rooms, eliminating the complicated process of integrating multiple laptops between presentations. Shepard’s Speaker Vision staff provides more peace of mind by reviewing presentations to ensure compatibility with technology and successful file transfer. The technology also allows for last minute, real-time updates of presentation submissions, as well as live event announcements. Plus, all presentations are electronically time- and date-stamped to make version control easier.


Powered by artificial intelligence, eventINSIGHTS is a platform designed to harness data from multiple sources and utilize predictive analytics to output actionable insights. The product will orchestrate meeting planners’ data from disparate sources into one secure cloud environment to obtain holistic insights into event performance. EventINSIGHTS provides customized dashboards that make it easy to see the trends, key performance tracking, and reports to interpret and drive strategy. Customized reports help event organizers create strategy from the insights — like harnessing audience growth, discovering more leads, and prioritizing business opportunities for exhibitors.


A comprehensive event source guide, tecSELECT is an online resource designed to help event organizers search, source, and select event and marketing technologies in order to grow their events, connect with their audience, and enhance the customer experience. Shepard has managed to simplify the process by identifying event and marketing technology companies and emerging categories that it believes can provide great service and strategic solutions for meeting planners. For seamless integration, the source guide even includes a tool to support and manage the RFP process.

Social Media

Shepard helped Century 21 transform their annual conference into a memorable event.

In order to help meeting organizers stay on top of the latest in event tech, Shepard uses its social channels to share webinars, video content, and its blog to inspire, educate, and connect planners. Event organizers can find videos at Shepard’s YouTube page that provide insights into things like live-streaming, strategic planning, and emerging AV technology. You can also find more info on event tech at Shepard’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages.

Shepard does more than simply create events. It  transforms them into unforgettable experiences, and its dedication to innovative tech solutions is just part of that experience.

For more information on Shepard’s event services, visit shepardes.com.

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