Digital Event Strategist Spotlight: Venue Marketing Managers, Coex Convention & Exhibition Center

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world — the skills to successfully put on a digital or hybrid event transcend cultural boundaries. The only limitation? Your imagination. When COVID-19 shut the world down, the event industry was one of the hardest hits. Like others in their situation, the team at Coex Convention & Exhibition Center were faced with a tough decision. Give up or lean into their learnings from the Digital Event Strategist Course offered by PCMA. This is their story.

Tell us a little bit about what you do and what made you pursue DES in the first place.

We are venue marketing managers at Coex, Korea’s premier convention center located in heart of Seoul. Coex hosts more than 200 exhibitions and 2,500 international meetings and events every year.

COVID-19 came unexpectedly, and the event industry took a huge hit. Like other convention centers, Coex has had many events canceled or postponed. To service our clients better and adapt to this new era, Coex decided to expand its business and launch hybrid events services. Since last year, Coex began the process of digital transformation by upgrading its facilities and services to support hybrid and virtual events. Now, Venue Marketing Team is offering a variety of brand-new services such as digital event platforms, live video streaming, and more. With the newly launched services, we wanted to further assist our clients and become the leading hybrid event specialists in Korea. The choice was clear, becoming DES certified event strategists.

We were all excited for this opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to produce successful hybrid events, and want to thank KMA (Korea MICE Association) for supporting us get go through with the DES course!

What key learnings from the DES course have you implemented in the event(s) you’ve worked on / are working on?

“It is hard to pinpoint one single module from the DES course,” said MJ Cho. “All of the modules were very helpful and taught me how to strategically offer clients the tools needed to successfully host hybrid or online events.”

“One of the key takeaways was the module on audience engagement,” said Heather Lee. “This made me realize how much of a vital role audience engagement played in producing a successful event. Knowing who my audience is as well as how to design specific content will influence audiences’ overall experience and increase virtual event’s ROI. Overall, every chapter helped us to effectively plan and produce digital events with high-quality customer engagement, and obtain accurate, reliable results.”

If a friend or colleague is on the fence about taking DES, what would you say to nudge them?

We strongly recommend the Digital Event Strategist course by PCMA. We think the course is a great way to gain knowledge and refine professional event planning skills. Since the DES curriculum offers a self-paced online course, all professionals can learn at their own pace.

No one knows when the COVID-19 pandemic will end or if the world will be rocked by another shutdown so why wait to adapt and gain a new skillset and further prepare ourselves to succeed in digital transformation?

Take the course and be DES-certified event strategists with us!

The Digital Event Strategist Spotlight series features Digital Event Strategists and how they are making an impact in their work through digital and hybrid events.

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