Creative Cuisine in Miami Beach

A Sponsored Message from Miami Beach Convention Center

The Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) is known for top-notch hospitality, inspiring event spaces, artistic spirit, and now its exceptional, flavorful approach to food and beverage offerings. With renowned chefs at the helm and new strategies for sourcing, crafting and presenting culinary options to visitors, the MBCC is taking cuisine far beyond what you’d expect at a convention center. Here’s how the Center is delivering dining experiences that are anything but ordinary.

Fresh Ideas Behind Every Meal

Centerplate, MBCC’s food and beverage service provider, boasts two leaders who are driving the Center to embrace innovative and modern solutions to food and dining. Steven Haas, Executive Director of Centerplate and famed Miami Beach restaurateur (since 1979), uses only the freshest, most unique local ingredients to deliver a “Wow!” factor worthy of a high-end restaurant experience to attendees. Ismael Lasalle, Executive Chef of Centerplate, is known for his blended international approach to menu planning—fusing flavors and ingredient inspiration from Jamaican, Mexican, Peruvian and Chinese cuisine. This results in dishes guests don’t expect and can’t get enough of, such as Jackfruit Empanadas or Ostrich Steak with Black Currant Demi Glace.

Tree-to-Table Freshness

Improving on the concept of farm-to-table, Haas delivers food for MBCC that’s so fresh, it’s virtually tree-to-table. That means working with Miami and South Florida growers to pack and ship garden-fresh fruit and vegetables to the MBCC as soon as they’re picked. For attendees, this means immediate access to delicious Florida crops like tomatoes, avocados, grapefruit, oranges, peanuts, passion fruit and mango.

Specialty Restaurant Pop-Ups

Throughout the year, Centerplate partners with area restaurants to bring popular South Florida favorites directly to the plates of convention center guests. During 2019 Art Basel Miami (an annual art festival featuring modern and contemporary art), MBCC welcomed Joe’s Stone Crab as a pop-up eatery in its Grand Ballroom. During the four days of Art Basel, MBCC guests got to enjoy Joe’s world-famous stone crabs (caught locally and cracked onsite), hash browns and key lime pie. Depending on when you plan your event, you never know what Miami culinary favorite might stop by to surprise and delight your attendees.

Dig into the one-of-a-kind cuisine the Miami Beach Convention Center has to offer.

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