Insiders Conversation into the Technologies Driving Results

This round table conversation will give you an insiders’ seat to connect with tech gurus and learn what solutions they believe will impact the future of digital events. These solutions will illustrate ways to better livestream, extend your reach, improve engagement and increase the value to your audience.

World of Browsers and Their Impact on Digital Events

The online world supported by Flash and HTML5 is rapidly evolving. It’s critical for digital event producers to understand this ever-changing landscape. Gain a better understanding of HTML5, Flash and what this mean for your event, understand the differences of leading browsers and what you need to know to best empower your events and help you audience.

Winning Buy-in from Leadership, Staff and Participants

One of the initial challenges with digital events is gaining initial support to dive into and get started. During this session we’ll examine case studies demonstrating how several of our digital event strategists successful secured support before, during and after their events along with insider tips to help you secure your own.

Top Ten Legal Questions You Need Answered Before Producing a Digital Event

What are the key legal issues you need to understand while conceptualizing your digital event? We’ll take a deep dive into the world of digital law and discuss the top 10 questions you need to be thinking about in order to protect your participants, presenters and organization. Learn how to best navigate this space as our experts provide tips for developing speaker contracts, guidelines for streaming music and insights into the nuances of medical digital events.

Navigating Global Digital Events

One of digital events sizable benefits is your ability to reach across borders and amplify your reach. During this session esteemed global digital event strategists discuss the key aspects of planning events in various corners of the world including: how to plan for necessary resources, schedule across time zones, labor variances and challenges, internet guidelines and audience engagement differences by region.

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