Chip Conley

Hospitality entrepreneur, author, founder of Modern Elder Academy

Conley, the hospitality industry entrepreneur who is currently an adviser to Airbnb, heads the Modern Elder Academy, described as the world’s first “midlife wisdom school.” In his book Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, Conley created four stages — Evolve, Learn, Collaborate, and Counsel — through which individuals can learn to become modern elders on their own.

Society has done a great job of helping people through stages of life that are often known for transitions: puberty, commencement of adulthood, marriage, etc. We haven’t similarly ritualized midlife or career transitions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start creating a celebration of when a midlifer changes their career or we take a gap year (or any substantial period) to reflect on what we want next in our life.”

Chip Conley
TOPICS: Ageism, innovation, entrepreneurship, hospitality industry, career and life transitions

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