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Looking for ways to do your job better — or for the latest trends in the world of work? Here’s a roundup of career-related stories selected by the editors of Convene.

9 Questions to Help You Figure Out Why You’re Burned Out

The World Health Organization characterizes burnout in terms of three key dimensions: sustained feelings of exhaustion, feelings of personal inefficacy, and increased mental distance from one’s job. Harvard Business Review outlines nine questions to ask yourself under each of these three categories to help you diagnose what’s causing your burnout. It’s likely a combination of factors, requiring a number of changes over time to fully address it, and not something a one-off vacation can reverse right away. Nonetheless, the answers to these questions serve as a starting point.

5 Things Gen-Z Should Do to Prepare for AI in the Workplace

AI has transformed the job market in the last year. Fast Company shares how recent grads can be better prepared.

The Small Changes That Can Help Neurodivergent People Thrive at Work

Workers with ADHD and autism bring impressive skills and dedication to their jobs, but face challenges neurotypical employers may not consider. A few key adjustments, suggests The Guardian, can be transformative.

How to Spot Wellbeing Red Flags in the Workplace

The shift to remote work has brought undeniable advantages: flexibility, convenience, and a potentially improved work-life balance. However, the physical distance between colleagues can make it more challenging to identify and address mental health concerns. Recognizing red flags, including changes in communication style and decreased participation, is crucial to a work environment that prioritizes wellbeing, says Defender.

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