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We get it, you’re busy. So, the Convene editors have curated the latest tips and trends in the world of work for you. Take a look at what caught our eye this past week.

How to Professionally Handle an Awkward Zoom Interruption

From being interrupted on video conferences by family members to unknowingly enabling a cat filter, Zoom participants know to expect the unexpected. In Fast Company, Peggy Caruso, author of Take the First Shot: Strategies to Fire You Up and Change Your Life, says the best way to professionally handle awkward situations is simply to roll with them.

The Secret to Staying Mentally Sharp, According to a Psychiatrist and a Neurologist

A wealth of scientific studies are connecting certain food and lifestyle habits with the process by which new neurons grow in the brain — a topic psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, M.D., explores in his new book, Eat to Beat Depression and AnxietyAccording to Dr. Ramsey, we can actively protect ourselves from cognitive decline — at least in part. Well + Good has more.

5 Mistakes We Make When We’re Overwhelmed

The way we react to being extremely busy during challenging times can actually make things worse, says Harvard Business Review. By being aware of the five common patterns overwhelmed people tend to fall into — including not utilizing your unconscious mind enough — you can turn things around.

Does Remote Work Really Work? 4 CEOs on the Future of Their Workplaces

Founders and executives around the globe have taken what they’ve learned over the past year to inform their view of what their workplace will look like in the future. At the recent Collision conference, the future of the workplace was top-of-mind — though founders had a wide diversity of expectations about how their companies will work coming out of the pandemic. Inc. has a few of the most fascinating.

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