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No matter your industry or the size of your organization, one of the biggest indicators of success lies in how engaged your people are. Strategic events are an excellent way to drive engagement both within your organization and your larger community. But there’s no reason to stop there. “One thing should be clear to everyone in events,” says Josh Hotsenpiller, CEO of JUNO, an all-in-one digital events and engagement platform. “No one wants to connect just three days a year.”

Maintaining those connections and community experiences—whether your event is in-person, hybrid or fully digital—is always the endgame. It’s what fuels retention, growth and, ultimately, revenues. JUNO’s elegant, easy-to-use platform makes it incredibly easy to leverage those three or four days of connection and transform them into 365 days a year. “JUNO itself was built to connect people to networking, education and experiences,” says Hotsenpiller. “Digital transformation means peaks can come more often and engagement stays up year-round.”

Built by a team of innovators with a decade of experience in community-based software solutions, JUNO’s digital platform provides a seamless online and mobile experience that caters to planners and participants alike. It’s the darling of DES graduates. Not only does your content become evergreen and more accessible, JUNO’s proprietary human-interest-modeling AI helps participants connect in a more meaningful and personalized way with each other through shared interests and suggested matches. With JUNO, you can build a network and community, with space to grow, that transcends any singular event.

The future of events and collaboration is digital, and it’s already here. Let JUNO help you make the transformation as seamless and intuitive as possible.

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