Why Now is the Best Time to Plan Your Event in Japan

A Sponsored Message from Japan National Tourism Organization

Japanese culture is constantly making its mark on the world. It’s a birthplace of new developments in technology and medicine, a land of fantasy and imagination—equal parts mystical and efficient. Events are culturally inspired and run like clockwork. And planners can rest easy knowing Japan’s track record of standing up to every challenge thrown its way.

A commitment to health and safety

Japan has long been regarded as a business travel-friendly destination, with its safe cities, clean infrastructure and ease of getting around. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally, Japan handled its emergency response with a commitment to health and safety for citizens and visitors alike. Now, the country is taking steps to bring this approach to the events industry, too.

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau guidelines emphasize the importance of health and sanitation for events. Hotels and venues in Tokyo are following suit. And in Kobe, robots have increased the city’s PCR testing capabilities to help slow the spread of the novel disease.

Culture and innovation

Business travel is about more than talking shop. It’s about giving attendees a chance to immerse themselves in a new culture, and inspiring change that lasts long after they return home. In Japan, tradition and innovation fuse together to create an unforgettable event. There’s no shortage of experiences, from Japan’s palaces and gardens, to its mountains and rivers. Give guests a moment of Zen tranquility with a traditional tea ceremony, or encourage creativity with contemporary cosplay. Truly, planners who are considered Japan, will find the variety of a continent all in one country.

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