PCMA BEAM brings big data to life.

PCMA BEAM (Business Events Analytics/Metrics) leverages a portfolio of sources to provide the first-ever comprehensive view of the Business Events Industry.

How will PCMA BEAM help the industry?

PCMA BEAM draws from multiple data sources to provide visualized actionable revelations to the business events and industry sectors. This allows the Business Events Industry to make informed decisions, recognize trends and deliver intelligence for strategic planning.

How will PCMA BEAM benefit:

  • Your organization will have access to new insights from many different industry sectors. You’ll securely learn from one another’s data in a state of anonymity.
  • Your organization’s data will be safeguarded, and your audience can rest assured that privacy is of the utmost importance to Infogroup and PCMA.


  • You will be a part of transforming how the Business Events Industry creates economic growth, drives experiences and enables social progress.
  • You will be on the cutting edge of predictive analysis and reporting for the $3 trillion global Business Events Industry.



PCMA is forming the first-of-its-kind data consortium in the Business Events Industry similar to those found in the FinTech industries. Working in partnership with Infogroup, the highly regarded big data intelligence and marketing technology firm, this data consortium offers the highest level of privacy to Business Events industry members while aggregating and leveraging data to advance research, identify industry trends and create predictive analytics.

Read the full PCMA BEAM announcement press release from IMEX, a multi-day business events tradeshow May 20-23 in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • We wanted to create a unique product unlike any other in the marketplace to unleash the extraordinary power of data to advance research, identify industry trends and create predictive analytics that will guide business event professionals to make informed and strategic business decisions."

    Sherrif Karamat, CAE, president and CEO of PCMA
  • This customized analytics engine is unique as it draws information from multiple data sources to provide the business events industry with exclusive insights and capabilities to explore data."

    Robert Haas, Chief Administrative Officer of PCMA
  • We are thrilled to partner with PCMA on this very important product. This new tool will allow destination organizations to be smarter and have the ability to drive their own success."

    Don Welsh, president and CEO of Destinations International


PCMA BEAM will leverage a portfolio of data sources to build enhanced dashboards.




Infogroup will independently manage the data and analytics process to ensure the service meets data security and privacy standards. PCMA BEAM participants will only have access to their own proprietary data. PCMA will never have access to any data portfolio other than its own. Any data intelligence or analytics generated by PCMA BEAM will not identify individual information.

Access to PCMA BEAM intelligence is granted on a 12-month license. The PCMA product is in pre-sales mode and will launch later this year.

WHAT PCMA BEAM IS: Cutting-edge aggregate reports with predictive analysis and visualizations for the $3 trillion global business events industry.

WHAT PCMA BEAM ISN’T: Selling your data to another company. Your information will be kept anonymous.



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