Will Automation Make Your Job Obsolete?

Author: Barbara Palmer       

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“Change is coming,” author Joe Toscano writes in his book, Automating Humanity, which discusses how technology and automation will change the workplace, and everywhere else.

automation jobsThe speed at which jobs will be automated in the future will have a lot to do with how easy — or how hard — it is to teach a machine the occupation’s job skills, writes Joe Toscano, the author of Automating Humanity. As others have noted, “many of the ‘soft’ human skills which cannot be standardized will become exceedingly valuable in the new economy,” Toscano said. Hard skills also will be needed, he added. “None will be more important than technology and data literacy in the future we’re headed toward.”

In his book, Toscano reprinted a list that calculated the likelihood that a job would be automated by 2032, a forecast that was created by a pair of researchers at Oxford University who analyzed job data from the U.S. and the U.K.

“The exact number of jobs that will be lost to automation is something we won’t know until it happens, but one thing we can be certain of is that change is coming,” Toscano wrote. “The antidote, according to many experts around the world, is education.”

The following is a selected list from the forecast, ranging from most likely to least likely to be automated. A full list is available at bbc.com.

Ophthalmic lab technicians97.0
Hotel, motel and resort desk clerks 94.0
Insurance sales agents 92.0
Taxi drivers and chauffeurs 89.0
Construction laborers 88.0
Food-preparation workers 87.0
Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers 79.0
Museum technicians and conservators 59.0
Librarians 65.0
Computer programmers
Historians 44.0
Airline pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers 18.0
Chefs and head cooks 10.0
Construction managers7.1
Sociologists 5.9
Editors 5.5
Healthcare practitioners5.0
Meeting, convention, and event planners 3.7
Health-care practitioners (diagnosing/treating)2.0
Teachers and Instructors 1.0
Curators <1
Training and development managers <1
Dentists <1
Audiologists <1

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