New Media Options for Hybrid Events

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Forced to accommodate the pandemic world, many meetings have transformed themselves into all-virtual platforms. Now, as events move from digital-only into more of a hybrid mode, new media must also shift gears to inform and educate, helping attendees navigate whichever mode — physical or virtual — they choose.

Here are 10 products that Ascend employs and can be tailored to surround your hybrid event. And guess what? They can all be monetized with single or multiple sponsors and used to contribute to your bottom lines.

Welcome Guide: If your hybrid event has distinct programming for the virtual and physical events, you might consider offering two separate Welcome Guides — one PDF for emailing and one printed for on-site attendees. Each version would have specific information for each environment. Alternately, if the programming is similar, you could offer a single guide, using icons for example, to distinguish between the virtual versus physical elements. Whichever approach you take, the guide will provide critical information to help your attendees launch the online platform or get to the convention center from their hotels. The Welcome Guide is a perfect vehicle for a sponsor to get all eyes on its messaging.

Log-In/Reminder Emails: Use a series of two to three single-sponsored emails to remind your virtual and in-person audiences that their access to the platform begins “tomorrow” or “in three days.”

Morning Agenda Emails/Videos: For your dual audience, a Morning Agenda email is the beacon message from your program chair or leadership suggesting the top three or four things they absolutely shouldn’t miss that day. Because of this valued advice from key leadership, this could either be a single or multi-sponsor product.

Exclusive Exhibitor eBlast: Exhibitors like to build the excitement surrounding their booth to ensure potential customers visit. This exclusive, single-sponsor exhibitor eBlast sent to all attendees is the perfect vehicle for them and can be a big money maker for your association. Exhibitors eagerly seek new marketing ideas that allow them to reach attendees in advance or tease a new product/service introduction.

ePreviews: Sending two to four ePreview blasts, one a week leading up to your event, is a terrific way to get your attendee base excited about programming and special events. Build the excitement and urgency with news of can’t-miss events and activities.

eDailies and Print Dailies: Did an attendee miss a live or virtual session? The hybrid dailies are a great way to review coverage of key activities and sessions, named lectures and awards, and networking events. Advertising in these high-information products delivers the perfect vehicles for exhibitors to lure attendees to their booths and booth activities. Printed dailies still can be used on-site.

Navigation Tools: Navigating a virtual platform is just about as challenging as navigating the meeting’s physical convention center. A navigational aid gives your attendees key landmarks so they can use their time online and on-site efficiently. The product can be print, digital, and video.

Poster Hall Navigation: Medical meetings often feature hundreds, if not thousands, of poster abstracts designed to illustrate new science. With that many posters in one location, attendees benefit from a navigational tool to help them easily locate posters that most interest them. With this many eyes on the Poster Hall Map, a single-sponsor ad will experience equal benefit.

eHighlights: To inform attendees what they may have missed, to encourage them to review a session on demand, or just to plant a seed for the next event, eHighlights are great for review coverage. Emailed within 14 days of the conclusion of the event, this high-impact eBlast puts more eyes on critical news stories as well as ads from sponsors.

Member Connect Live! There is a lot of discussion around sessions, speakers, and activities during your event. However, those same industry experts who presented are a perfect resource pool for a monthly Member Connect Live! meeting used to continue the conversation. Use the Ascend platform to host a 45-minute update session, a 15-minute message industry theater, and an associated Zoom happy hour.

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