Arwa Mahdawi

Founder, president, chief hopes and dreams officer, and chief minority officer at Rent-a-Minority

Concerned by the lack of meaningful diversity initiatives across industries, freelance writer and brand strategist Mahdawi launched Rent-a-Minority, a satirical website that brings attention to the issue of tokenism in workplaces and at events. The website has been covered by the BBC, NPR, and The Atlantic, among other publications.

I think one of the issues with diversity is people get really depressed talking about it, or they get stressed. They’re worried about saying the wrong thing, or they don’t really want to talk about it. And I think humor is a good way to make a point to people whose ears might otherwise be closed.

Arwa Mahdawi
Location: New York, NY
Topic(s): Race, diversity, inclusion, pop culture, technology