Around the Education Conference in 9 Quotes

Convene’s editors bring you highlights from Tuesday’s sessions. Here are some memorable comments.

“Content is screaming to be free.”

“The future of the business-events industry is written right in front of you. It’s not a question of whether you’re aware. It’s whether you take ownership.”

“There is a difference between working hard and doing the hard work.”

“Ask yourself this question: Could [disruption] be happening ‘for us’ not ‘to us’? Reality always wins in the end. … Your job is to find a way to get in touch with it. Move to the edge of disruption and learn there. ”

—Peter Sheahan, (pictured) Main Stage, “Finding Opportunity in Change and Disruption.”

“Is the risk of being burned outweighing the risk of being isolated?”

— Laurel Bellows, “Who’s Leading YOU? Elevate Your Team by Learning to Lead Yourself,” Ascent Studio.

“We are working in an environment where people want to get right to the point.”

— Zontee Hou, on how marketers need to communicate with their audience, “The 4Es of Engagement: How to Create Content That Moves Your Audience to Action,” Engagement Studio,

“There’s no data to support the idea that there are three learning styles — but there are 71 characteristics of learners.”

—Nina Taylor, “Designing Events to Engage All Demographics While Looking to Future Audiences,” Medical & Wellness Studio.

“The science is so clear on sleep — it’s like a cleaning crew comes in and clears out the toxins (in your brain) but only when you are in REM sleep.”

—Dee O’Neill, “Leading from the Frontal Lobe: The Neuroscience of Leadership,” Medical & Wellness Studio.

“’Something for everybody’ is the marketer’s nightmare. You’ll do a lot of things, but you’ll only do them okay.”

— Todd Mesek, “Inside the Reinvention of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” Engagement Studio.

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