A Better Way to Get There


While in life the saying “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” may hold true, in business travel terms, it is all about the journey. Flying is definitely not becoming more fun, so I take trains whenever I can. It’s more environmentally friendly, easier to do work, no security control, and you leave the city centre and arrive in the city centre. Hard to beat — but unfortunately not so practical for me living in Berlin as it would be if I was in Brussels, Basel, or Paris.

When travelling for work, I don’t need an airport with great shopping possibilities; I want speed and efficiency. If I need to connect to flights, Amsterdam Schipol is one of my favourite airports, with Zurich and Munich also worth a mention. “Gate-to-Taxi” times are also important especially when landing late or needing to get to another appointment — and it is hard to beat my own home airport Berlin Tegel (Terminal A) for that. I often do it in under 10 minutes.

Dermot Ryan is Account Director with K.I.T. Group, an association and conference management company headquartered in Berlin.

A travel tip that even frequent flyers may not know? Dublin Airport is only one of a few airports outside North America where you can pre-clear US immigration and arrive in the US as a domestic arrival — with the additional benefit that if you are connecting in the US, your bags will be checked through to their destination.

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