9 Memorable Quotes From Convening Leaders, Day 2

Author: Convene Editors       

Tuesday’s Convening Leaders Main Stage speaker, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, discussed “New Rules of Engagement for Leaders in the Shifting Geopolitical Landscape.” Photo by Jacob Slaton.

1. “I think we’re going to see more diversity in our leadership, not just in sex or religion, but also in style.” — Gen. Stanley McChrystal, former commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan

2. “Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do one thing well, you’re needed by someone.”— Hannah Alkaff, Republic Polytechnic student from one of two Singapore MICE Challenge–winning teams

3. “If you’re going to enter [the Chinese] market, this is a long-term investment. It requires a culture shift and leadership buy-in.” — Stuart Ruff-Lyon, CMP, DES, vice president of events and education, Risk Management Society

4. “The hotel room is the enemy of the meeting planner. You don’t want people escaping into the solitude of their hotel room.” — Dana Freker Doody, vice president of communications and communities, The Expo Group

5. “We own the most powerful engagement media — face-to-face.” — Sourabh Kothari, director of advocacy, brand, and content, Signifyd

6. “We don’t make changes because we see the light. It’s because we feel the heat. Something usually has to hurt for us to make a change.”— Don Neal, CEO, 360 Live Media

7. “Our children are growing up in a world where all learning is digital. That’s the way they will expect to be taught in the future.”— Donny Neufuss, director of global accounts, Production Resource Group

8. “Is a Millennial in Japan the same as a Millennial in Austria? There’s a big difference; we cannot generalize. People have different facets that define them.” — Mathias Posch, president and partner, International Conference Services (ICS)

9. “There is a big difference between getting someone’s attention and having them give it to you. And if you tell them a good story, they will give it to you.” — Kindra Hall, author and strategic consultant



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