4 Cosy Ways to Get From Here to There


Whether you travel frequently for work or occasionally for leisure, the airport can be a tricky place to navigate. In her role as project manager for London-based event-management company Principal. Global Events, Jess Gibbons frequents a number of airports on a monthly basis. Here are her top four tips for comfortable travel.

  1. Always choose comfortable clothes, and layer up! Although you can get warm zipping from one side of the airport to the other, on the plane you’ll need something to snuggle up in — especially on long-haul flights where the air-conditioning offers a relentless draught! My go-to piece is my ‘Travel Squad’ jumper —cosying up in style!
  2. Choose your shoes wisely. My feet swell to a size similar to those of a baby elephant on planes, so along with comfortable shoes, I go one step further and pack flight socks —even for short haul flights.
  3. There’s a happy medium between being too early and late. Having travelled so often, I am familiar with the airport and my route to most departure gates. This means I can time my arrival to the airport to perfection. I allow time for breakfast or lunch, but not so much time that I have to hang around and get bored.
  4. Purchase water and pack a snack. Recent changes on some airlines mean you have to buy in-flight snacks for short haul. I can choose to eat what I want and save money by packing my own snacks, so I always do.  I also buy a large bottle of water once I’ve gone through security — planes dehydrate you, and those small plastic cups provided to passengers are never enough to keep the thirst at bay.

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