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Information Regarding the Updated Convention Industry Council 9th Edition Manual


When was the Manual updated?
The CIC 9th Edition Manual became available in early Spring 2014.

Why was the Manual updated?
The Manual was updated in 2014 to reflect the changes to the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS) that were made in 2012. The changes to the CMP-IS have been on the CMP exam since July 2012

What was updated in the Manual?
The CIC Manual and the CIC International Manual were combined in the 9th Edition. The 9th Edition was reorganized to follow the 10 domains in the CMP-IS. For example, the first chapter is about “Strategic Planning,” which is the first of the 10 domains. This change was made based on requests from those using the Manual to study for the CMP exam. CIC will offer both a print and eBook version of the Manual. This will be the first time the Manual will be available in eBook format.

PCMA created a comparison document showing which sections of the 9th Edition text correspond to which CMP® Online Prep Course modules.

If I’ve already purchased the 8th Edition to study for the CMP, do I now have to buy the 9th Edition too?
No, although the Manual has been rewritten and restructured to facilitate your preparation, the exam has not changed since the CMP-IS was updated in 2012. Remember, the CMP exam is an experience-based exam, meaning you must have practical experience in the meeting management field to be successful on the CMP exam. The Manual is intended to be a study aid and present current and best practices in professional meeting management; however, it is not intended to teach the reader how to become a meeting professional. Because the CMP exam is testing applied knowledge, memorizing the Manual does not guarantee that you will be successful on the exam.

How will the Manual help me prepare for the CMP exam?
The Manual will help you understand the body of knowledge on which the exam is based, particularly the domains in which you don’t have hands-on experience. CIC highly recommends you start your study regime by reviewing the CMP-IS and making an assessment of your experience in each of the 10 domains. Then use the Manual to help you study those areas in which you have the least experience. Remember, also, that the Manual illustrates best practices in the meetings management field. In many cases, these best practices may not be embraced by the organization in which you work.

How else can I increase my chances of being successful on the CMP exam?
Besides the CIC Manual, it is also recommended that you should read the APEX Glossary and PCMA’s Professional Meeting Management 5th Edition.