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PCMA Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Beginning January 2, 2015 through January 31, 2015 voting eligible PCMA members will have the opportunity to vote on proposed PCMA Bylaw amendments. The PCMA Board of Directors recently approved a group of proposed amendments to be brought to membership for a vote.

On Wednesday, October 29 PCMA held an online Town Hall with Ray Kopcinski, our 2014 incoming Chair, who is a Senior Director at the Million Dollar Round Table, another member of our board Marty Balogh who is Associate Executive Director, Meetings and Travel Group, American Bar Association and Deborah Sexton, President and CEO of PCMA. The group reviewed the Board’s proposed bylaw amendments and took questions from the online audience. If you missed that webcast, you can view it now onDemand.

Listed below are two resources to make an informed decision when you vote this coming January:

PCMA is your organization – your voice and vote defines who we are today and who we strive to be in the future. We look forward to your participation in the January vote.

Here is a sample bylaws ballot, similar to what you'll see in January:

  1. Suppliers Eligible to Serve as Officers: Allow Suppliers to serve as Officers of PCMA and other amendments reflective of this change. Limitations include, only 2 Suppliers on the Executive Committee at a time.

    Current Board Composition: 10 Professional Member Directors, 6 Supplier Partner Directors, 4 Professional Member Officers

    Proposed Board Composition: 10 Professional Member Directors, 6 Supplier Partner Directors, Maximum of 2 Supplier Officers, Minimum of 2 Planner Officers

          Current number of suppliers on the Board: 6
          Current number of planners on the Board: 14
          Proposed maximum number of Suppliers on the Board: 8*
          Proposed maximum number of Planners on the Board: 12*
          *Does not include the PCMA Education Foundation Chair who can be a Planner or Supplier

    Yes □    No □

  2. Dues Grace Period: Will be reflected in policy rather than bylaws
    Yes □    No □

  3. Finance Committee: Added composition detail for clarity
    Yes □    No □

  4. Audit Committee: Added based on governance best practices to have a separate audit committee.
    Yes □    No □

  5. Nominating Committee: Flexibility to add additional members based on quantity of nominations received
    Yes □    No □

  6. PCMA Education Foundation Chair: Added position to PCMA Board of Directors, eligible to vote at PCMA Board of Directors Meetings
    Yes □    No □