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August 16 2015

3 Staggering Statistics That Show Why You Need To Get Ready For Periscope

By David McMillin

Everyone is talking about Periscope. I’ve read about it on Huffington Post. I’ve heard about it on CNN. I’ve listened to a discussion about it live at the PCMA Education Conference. Now, the team behind the live-streaming app has released an inside look at how the company has grown since launching just over four months ago, and the numbers indicate that we can expect even more people to join the Periscope conversation.

1) 10 million people have registered Periscope accounts.

While 10 million may not sound like a massive audience, consider this fact: it took Facebook nearly two years to reach 6 million users. In four short months, Periscope has managed to get a lot of people to hop on the live-streaming bandwagon.

2) They’re watching more than 40 years of video each day.

This number is just insane. What’s even more impressive is that the number does not include viewers on periscope.tv. It’s only limited to viewers on iOS and Android platforms. Translation: people are using a big amount of bandwidth to consume video after video…after video.

3) There are nearly 2 million daily active users.

There are plenty of people with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but many of them may not log in each day to see the long line of updates from their online connections. On Periscope, however, it looks like many users are tuning in for new content on a regular basis.

Potential Periscope Issues For Your Meeting

If these growth statistics continue, meeting planners can be sure that more attendees will be capturing on-site content via the platform. The potential to expand your meeting’s reach and spread your message to the online community can be a powerful opportunity for some organizations. However, it also carries potential problems, too. According to the latest Twitter — which owns Periscope — transparency report, the company has received nearly 1,400 copyright takedown notices since late March. For meeting planners, the number reinforces the importance of making adjustments to speaker contracts that clarify the organization’s efforts to protect material and outline expectations that speakers may have about whether their presentations should be available for free online viewing.

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