The Future of Live Events (White Paper)

What impact will COVID-19 have on live events? How will business event professionals ensure the safety of their participants? In conversations with dozens of organizers, PCMA found the events industry may have more challenges than solutions. However, there may be an opportunity to breathe new life into future events by increasing contract flexibility and verbiage, exploring hybrid event options, and the elimination of communal F&B setups.

Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King: You Can ‘Change the World’

Even if you were not familiar with Billie Jean King’s monumental tennis career until she took the stage Jan. 8 for PCMA Convening Leaders’ Main Stage event, you are probably now a fan. And not just for her athletic achievements.

Seth Godin

Make Change Happen: Seth Godin Stresses Importance of Innovation

Do work that matters for people who care. Create change. That’s the role of business events professionals, according to marketing guru Seth Godin. Godin captivated the crowd Monday at Convening Leaders Main Stage presentation, “You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See.”

Ascent Webinar: How to Enact Change in Your Organization

Ascent Webinar: How to Enact Change in Your Organization

The need for real diversity and inclusion is clear - but HOW do we make it happen? For some organizations, only small changes are needed to encapsulate the true meaning of diversity and inclusion, but for others, massive steps need to be taken. Reed Exhibitions appointed Ron Walden as their first global executive sponsor for race, and he is with us to discuss the practices Reed has put in place to hold the organization and its decision makers accountable to their plan.

career news

News for Professionals: Career Advice and Ideas

We get it, you’re busy. So, the Convene editors have curated the latest tips and trends in the world of work for you. Take a look at what caught our eye this past week.

introverted leaders

Why Introverts Make Good Leaders During a Pandemic

Extroverted leaders know how to work a room and energize their employees in the office. But during these times when we’re not connecting with our teams in physical spaces, introverted leaders have the advantage, according to a recent Fast Company article.

People on the Move

Your colleagues are on the move, find out who is going where.

Accessible technology

5 Questions You Need to Answer to Make Your Digital Event Accessible

For those with disabilities, accessibility during a digital event is just as much of a concern as accessibility at an in-person event. Here are considerations every event professional should keep in mind to ensure their digital event is inclusive and accessible.