Webinar: Workplace Sexual Harassment: Strategies for Prevention and Response

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With each passing day, new media firestorms are emerging about incidents of sexual harassment, often involving powerful men preying on the women who work for them. Do you have sexual harasser prowling around your office? Chances are you do. Although sexual harassment has been around for over fifty years, recently more and more women have been coming out with their stories and commencing lawsuits about harassment they have experienced in the workplace that has often been ignored, hidden or buried.

Though the highest-profile cases have taken place outside of the meeting industry, we wondered: How about business events? Is this too an industry in which people who have been harassed have kept quiet for years, or spoken out only to go unheard? In late November, we put together a short online poll and kept it up for a week to test the waters. The results were telling. Of the 100 event professionals who responded, 80 percent said that they had experienced some form of on-the-job sexual harassment.


Join this webinar to hear how you can help to create an inclusive workplace, one built on mutual respect among leaders and the teams they manage. At the end this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Define sexual harassment
  • Determine your legal obligations under the law to prevent harassment in your workplace
  • Explore the mistakes employers have made with harassment that have cost them “big time”
  • Respond properly to allegations of sexual and unlawful harassment in the workplace
  • Understanding your obligations regarding confidentiality
  • Develop the process to properly investigate sexual and unlawful harassment complaints to protect your organization



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