Webinar: Liability Risks in Today’s Tumultuous Times

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In today’s litigious society, the risk of liability is all around us.  From attrition to slip-and-falls, we have learned to negotiate contract language to manage common risks.  But new pitfalls arise every day.  In this session, we’ll discuss the application of well-known laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act to “disabilities” like food allergies as well as lesser known international laws such as the Volunteer Protection Act, U.K. Corporate Manslaughter Act, and “duty to rescue” laws.  There is even a trend toward holding hospitality partners liable for terrorism attacks. What new liability risk lurks around your corner and how are you going to address it proactively?

After this lesson you’ll be able to:

  • Identify liability issues that aren’t being fully addressed by your organization.
  • Apply the law to emerging technologies and the changing hospitality landscape.
  • Develop contract language and other strategies for managing or shifting some of the liability risk.

PCMA is an Approved CAE Provider & CMP Preferred Vendor.


  • Duration: 00:48:49
  • Date: 05/04/2017
  • Speaker:

CMP Certification

  • EIC Status: Submitted
  • CMP-IS Domain: C. Risk Management
  • Clock Hours: 1.0

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