Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association

Taiwan: A Rising Star In Asian Pacific’s MICE Industry

The past two decades have seen Taiwan’s phenomenal success and contribution to the global knowledge economy, 3C and high-tech industries, which have made Taiwan one of Asia’s most dynamic and vibrant industrial nations and have firmly established itself as one of the most popular business and tourism destinations in the region. The demand for an efficient convention and exhibition coordination association for many important meetings, conferences and exhibitions scheduled to be held in Taiwan prompted the establishment of Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association (TCEA) in 1991. TCEA is the foremost marketing organization for Taiwan’s MICE industry, and is the only association in comprising with full spectrum of professionals in organizing and handling international incentive travels, meetings and exhibitions. In addition, TCEA now works closely with the Government on actively promoting Taiwan’s MICE industry in the international market.


  • World-class infrastructure & facilities for international meetings and exhibitions.
  • The hub of Asian Pacific’s air and sea traffic.
  • High living standard and education levels.
  • Diversified cultural and tourism resources
  • Advanced in the development of 3-C, high-tech, and biotechnology industries and the leading supplier to the global market.
  • Public, private and academic sectors are committed to developing and internationalizing Taiwan’s MICE industry.
  • Sound democratic society and political system.


The Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association is a non-profit organization founded in1991. Our members represent a vast cross section of the MICE industry including government Tourism Bureau, city governments, colleges, convention & exhibition centers, travel & management companies, professional conference & exhibition organizers and contractors, meeting information & technical specialists, hotels, and airlines, etc. List of members can be found in TCEA web-site: www.taiwanconvention.org.tw


The Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association is the foremost MICE promotional and assistant organization for its members and Taiwan in locating and creating bidding opportunities. To attain the goal, TCEA provides a broad spectrum of services for the entire MICE industry.

Therefore TCEA undertakes to

  • Promote the value of the MICE industry to the general public.
  • Help improve members’ professional skills and quality of services.
  • Assist government in building Taiwan as the premium hub of Asian Pacific MICE industry.
  • Invite international meetings to be held in Taiwan.
  • Actively participate in international MICE organizations and exhibitions to enhance global awareness of Taiwan’s MICE industry.
  • Hold training courses for young professionals.