Flight or Fight

Passenger numbers increase whilst opinion rankings put Singapore Airlines on top of the world.

The 28-Hour Work Week

The largest labour union in Germany has just struck a ‘landmark deal’ for work/life balance. Will other countries follow suit?

Business Events Are Key to Puerto Rico’s Future

Five months after Hurricane Maria destroyed parts of Puerto Rico, the island is carving out a path toward recovery. Meetings and conventions can play an important role in that effort.

No Need to Pack Extra Socks

Flight cancelled, requiring an unexpected overnight stay? Have no fear, MP Magic Socks have got you covered.

Missing Baggage: Solved

Arrived at your destination and your baggage is nowhere to be found? Delta Airlines has a new app for that.

Will Surrogate Attendees Start Appearing at Conferences?

At a tech conference last month, a Japanese artificial/virtual reality researcher unveiled the ‘ChameleonMask’ — a new technology enabling conference attendees to share something surprising: their bodies and faces.

Pillow Talk with Ronald Lim

Be it feather or foam, this #eventboss says a decent pillow is the secret to surviving frequent business travel.

How Aileen London Stays Energised

Protein bars, face masks, and a friendly attitude go a long way, says Oracle’s senior manager of global meeting services.