The Airports of the Future Have Arrived

Two of the biggest airports in the world aim to make travel easier and faster for the business and leisure passengers who use them. (The New York Times)

Why Getting Fired Is Harder on Women

Losing your job is always a blow, but men typically end up earning a little more in their next job, while women are likely to end up earning significantly less. (Fast Company)


The Real Crisis in Leadership

A lack of good and engaging leadership costs organizations billions of dollars annually. Here are some answers to what is going wrong.

Despite tumultuous year, FanX tops previous attendance

SALT LAKE CITY — Despite a tumultuous year, Salt Lake's popular fan convention reported an uptick in attendance over three days of downtown nerdvana. Attendance estimates for FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention were at about 110,000 in the final hours of the event Saturday, pulling ahead of its 2016 and 2017 numbers, said the event's co-founder, Bryan Brandenburg.