Student Chapters

Student chapters are a great way to network with fellow students. You’ll gain valuable experience organizing events and community service projects with your chapter. Additionally, you can participate in local PCMA Chapter events and build relationships with hospitality and meeting professionals in your area. The power of networking can propel you into a long lasting career in the meetings industry!

Student Chapter Start-Up

Starting a student chapter of PCMA is very easy! In order to be recognized as an official student chapter of PCMA, you must complete the following:

  • At least 6 registered student members of PCMA
  • A volunteer faculty advisor (does not need to be a member of PCMA)
  • Recognition from College/University as an official group
  • Review and accept the Student Chapter Bylaws
  • Legibly complete the Annual Application for Student Chapters and submit to PCMA. Applications should be submitted once per year, typically at the beginning of the Fall semester. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent within two weeks of receipt of application.

Completed applications can be sent electronically to or mailed to:

Attn. Student Membership
35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 500
Chicago, IL 60601

Membership Benefits

  • PCMA brings together your community of meeting professionals for relevant, high-level industry and professional development education, both face-2-face and virtually.
  • PCMA orchestrates your networking with colleagues to ensure you connect with common interests professionals.
  • PCMA facilitates your connections with strategic partners and suppliers to help you build career-long supportive relationships.
  • PCMA publishes the leading industry magazine, Convene®, so you stay informed with the latest research, best practices and trends.
  • PCMA provides you with maximum benefits and value for the time you invest.
  • Need help recruiting members? Contact to request marketing materials for your student chapter.

The benefits of student membership, far outweighs the minimal fee to join! Not only do you have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, you also become connected to just over 6,000 other members!

Grow Your Professional Career Today!

Student Chapter List

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)Elise Schwager
Western Carolina UniversityNicole
Michigan State UniversityJordan
Metropolitan State University of DenverTyana
James Madison UniversityMaddie
Pennsylvania State UniversityFaith Busanic
Ferris State UniversityArielle
Kent State UniversityAmanda Cross
DePaul UniversityTawny
Purdue UniversityAbigail
University of Wisconsin-StoutElizabeth
Iowa State UniversityJacob
University of South CarolinaErin Lloyd
University Of DelawareSamantha Cuomo
University of Arkansas Faith
Metropolitan State University of DenverCasey
Johnson & Wales UniversityGabriel Silver J02236890@JWU.EDU
Singapore Institute of Technology Lik Hung Dalton Wong

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