Convening EMEA


Convening EMEA 2021 is fast approaching, and it’s time to get the word out!

Before the conference, be sure to follow @PCMAHQ on Twitter and Instagram, PCMA on Facebook, and PCMA HQ and EMEA on LinkedIn. We’ll keep you up-to-date on everything leading up to the main event and provide opportunities to interact and engage with other #eventprofs before the conference.

More keynote speakers and session leaders will be announced as time goes on, so don’t be afraid to celebrate each of the exciting announcements that will reveal Convening EMEA’s impact on your year and career.


We suggest you tweak the copy below to fit how you choose to experience #PCMAEMEA in 2021!


Simply connecting. Join me alongside #eventprofs from around the region as we reconnect at Convening EMEA this October: #PCMAEMEA


Convening EMEA will be equal parts celebration and exploration. Join us in beautiful Lausanne as we begin the next chapter in our journey on a bright pathway forward for business events: #PCMAEMEA


This is your chance to get the “we time” that you’ve been craving for. Register today for Convening EMEA and connect with business professionals from around the region: @pcmahq


Your friends and fellow #eventprofs are ready to connect. Join me in Lausanne for first-class #businessevents education for our region and networking at Convening EMEA: #PCMAEMEA


Take your #businessevents to the next level with industry-leading education and networking opportunities at Convening EMEA. This is your chance to simply connect. Register today and get the “we time” that you’ve been craving: #PCMAEMEA


Counting down the days until Convening EMEA this October 17-19! #PCMAEMEA will be equal parts celebration and exploration. Register today to join me in Lausanne:


It’s time to reconnect with #eventprofs around the world. Experience Convening EMEA in Lausanne and start taking your #businessevents career to the next level: #PCMAEMEA


I’m ready to meet! Join me at @pcmahq’s Convening EMEA and bring home inspiration that will drive the future of your #businessevents career: #PCMAEMEA

Fast-Forward Friday

We want to hear from you! In the spirit of ‘Simply Connecting‘ we want to hear what you look forward to most when attending, what maybe, your first face-to-face business event, Convening EMEA. Whether that be an early morning flight or that moment when you applaud the main keynote speaker, we want to hear it. Simply share your ‘Fast-Forward Friday’ moment on social media with an image that best tells your moment using #PCMAEMEA #FastForwardFriday


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