Under the guiding theme to provoke, to surprise, and to inspire, the speakers and content will be highly engaging and pull in different perspectives from multiple disciplines and ecosystems to connect the dots.”

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08:30am – 08:53am

Opening Ceremony

08:53am – 9:13am

eSports – The Next Sports – Frank Silzka

9:13am – 9:33am

The Future is Human Centric – Epi Ludvik

The future is human-centric, all about participation and the ability to co-create via an increasingly connected world. This new way of doing things – crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, co-creation, collaboration, and open innovation – is challenging business models and workings of organizations across the board, offering an immense opportunity to rethink and reinvent conventional processes

9:33am – 9:53am

The Creative Shift – Maria Bourke

As problems become more complex we see that our innate creativity more and more is becoming the essential element in how we work. We look at how space and technology can inspire new ways of thinking and fuel creativity helping people achieve more and have a much better experience at work.

Frank Sliwka

Having been within the Games and exhibition Industry since 1997, I currently hold the position of COO at ESL Gaming Pte Ltd (ESL Asia). The modern culture of eSports offers gaming enthusiasts, fans and sponsors thrilling entertainment in an all-new, interactive environment.

Recognized with the German Game Developer Award and winner of the European Games Award, I have a verifiable history of commitment to growth and expansion of businesses in both mature and emerging markets across the Asia Pacific Region, the US, and Europe.

24+ years of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship in the media, gaming and exhibition industries comes with certain expertise: I am adept at achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure. I have also consistently exceeded performance goals.

Through strategy and my expertise in exhibitions and conferences (B2B, B2C), I established GDC Europe as one of the most important game industry conferences in the world and Games Convention Asia (GC Asia) as one of the main industry events in Asia.

Currently, ESL is the world’s largest eSports company leading the industry in raising eSport production and audience levels to those of mainstream sports. Our four biggest skills and assets are: Worlds #1 portal for esports, Including partners and products into our brand’s storyline and help with our 15+ years of experience, Worlds largest independent esports following – understand and grow a highly attractive target group, Create amazing lifestyle events.

Being part of an international network of senior level relationships through active participation on boards, and industry associations, I enjoy my position as global game industry expert. I am focused on developing overall corporate growth strategies and partnerships in the areas of media, publishing, sponsorship and entertainment.

Epi Ludvik
As one of the pioneers in the crowdsourcing ad space, Epi Ludvik has established himself as a radical thinker and leader in crowdsourcing. As a global citizen, Epi has worked with clients throughout Asia, Europe and the US and understands the purpose-driven influence the crowd economy can have, not only on brands, but also on the greater society and economy.

A serial entrepreneur since graduation, Epi brings strategies needed to leverage the crowd and help large organizations drive exponential business growth.

“Companies and enterprises can engage with their stakeholders on a completely new level — through social interactions and work together to create value for everyone. Social media is now turning into purpose-driven social productivity.” — Epi Ludvik Nekaj

Maria Bourke

Maria Bourke is Brand Director, Asia Pacific at Steelcase, the global leader in the office furniture and work life solutions industry. She is responsible for building brand awareness and engaging brand experiences whilst overseeing future direction of the brand at Steelcase in APAC. Maria has over 20 years’ of experience in brand, innovation and creative strategy with extensive multi-disciplinary design experience within in-house, corporate and consultancy. To date she has covered electronics, lifestyle entertainment, luxury, workspace and technology sectors and worked with leading global brands across Europe, US and the Asia Pacific.

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